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robinhoodbbc100's Journal

Robin Hood 2006 challenge community
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A drabble challenge community for the new Robin Hood on the BBC.

RH LJ Guide @ Livejournal.com

(Nicked from the tw_100 drabble community)

1. Every Sunday a challenge is posted. You MUST be a member to post. Each story should be posted as its own post and not in the comments to the challenge post. Challenges do not close, if you want to respond to a challenge from 3 months before, then feel free.

Format your posts with the following:

Author: This would be you.
Characters: Major characters or pairings used. You don’t have to name everyone, just the most significant players.
Challenge: Which challenge you are submitting for. The week number and challenge letter (both will be on the challenge post).
Rating: We’re using the British film ratings here, that is: U, PG, 12, 15, 18. Go here for more information.
Notes: Include any spoiler warnings here. Be as specific as you can be. “Spoilers for 1x1” or "Spoilers for 'Who shot the Sheriff'" is going to be more useful than “Spoilers for S1”.

USE TAGS. Please tag entries with the week number and prompt information (see below). This way people can find your story again if they liked it but can’t remember your name.
Therefore, if you are submitting a drabble for Week 15, prompt C, the tags should be week 15 and challenge c: lyrics inspiration.
If you are having problems, then drop me a message at partofthequeue2.

CUTS. Please put all drabbles behind a cut.

2. Each challenge consists 4 prompts:
A. A list of song titles from a particular artist (tagged as 'challenge a: song title').
B. A random word to be included in the drabble (tagged as 'challenge b: word of the week').
C. A few lines of lyrics to be used as inspiration (tagged as 'challenge c: lyrics inspiration').
D. A random prompt e.g. write a drabble about music (tagged as 'challenge d: miscellaneous').

3. Each story must be 100 words. That’s the definition of drabble and the name of the community. The title does not count in the word count for the story. A lee-way of a couple of words is allowed, but no more that 5 words over or under the limit. Preferably the drabble would be EXACTLY 100 words, but I for one will not be counting every story making sure.
Whether hypenated words (e.g. leather-clad) are counted as 1 or 2 words is left up to the author.

4. Each story must be centered on the BBC's Robin Hood, but it can be a crossover with another show.

5. If a story is 18 or above (sexual content, graphic violence), label it clearly.

6. If responding to more than one prompt, please place them in seperate posts, I know it can be a hassle but I find it makes things clearer tag-wise.

7. You can suggest any challenges for coming weeks in the current week's challenge post. It's not guaranteed that they'll be used, but it’s interesting to see what people come up with… :D

8. Any rating is welcome and any pairing: het, slash, gen.

9. No flaming, trolling, anti-racial/orientation/religous, hateful posts. No children under 16 portrayed in a sexual situation.

10. If there are spoilers for the current season of Robin Hood or recent seasons of any crossovers, please clearly mark them in the notes.

11. Please no pimping for other communities.

And remember, comments are a writers candy.