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Title: Little Things
Author: J. C. Way
Characters: Robin/Much
Challenge: 38A
Rating: U
Notes: My first RH fic after a dry spell that’s lasted since the series finale. Damn you, writers! This is written for the Linkin Park song ‘The Little Things Give You Away’. Set post-S2.

At first, Much doesn’t notice the little things. Upon their return, sunburnt and sick, the forest is like a healing salve for their souls, cool and dark and quiet. Much is too overwhelmed by it for grief and reproach. He spent his store of that shipboard, or so he thought.

But then. Robin. Or not-Robin, as Much couldn’t help but think. This other man had returned from the Holy Land, neither the boy or the man he had become. Trembling hands, shadowed eyes, silences not preoccupied but vacant. All the quickness seemed to have left his tongue.

Those little things.


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10th Jan, 2008 14:58 (UTC)
*sigh* Quietly sad. You are always able to invoke so many feelings in so few words. ♥
10th Jan, 2008 18:36 (UTC)
Thank you - it seems I can't write anything purely fluffy anymore. o.o
10th Jan, 2008 18:47 (UTC)
Ack, say it ain't so! I adore your fluff. :'(
18th Jan, 2008 00:55 (UTC)
How do you get into Much's head like this?! Seriously, your Much writing slays me every time.
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